50 year later ben 10 grew from 10 to 10000 he has a grilfriend and had kevin had married gwen and he has unlocked all the ultimatrix secret he did it by going into the ultimatrix and into the core and enter the code spientsentinal and now he can turn into an unlimited amount of alien and he can breed alien and make new one and ultimify them and morph them together but not all things are happy albedo also has grown he was'nt suppose to but he got blasted by clockwork in the future battle and his body is now a living omnitrix or ultimatrix it absorb the ray and it hit albedo genetic dna and evolved orage him into ultimate albedo he has revert to glavan form but its an ultimate galvan form they are more bigger then the old galvan with telepathy and mind control but he can still ultimify other alien and he's out to give ben a nad name with rath it was shown he was going around as ultimate and said i will crush ben 10 skull like a little toy and fry his carcass like tuna whaen ben came he turn into diavextro and use solar blast on wrath and then albedo said let me tell you something ben tennyson i only get more angy as you blast me but he fell down becaese kevin us knock out gas on him.